An electronic keyboard is a digital keyboard instrument, offering sampled sound or synthesized sounds to produce music. The arranger models include accompanying beats that create a full ensemble performance. The keyboard is a very popular instrument that is liked by all ages due to its ease of use and easy portability.

Our creative keyboard practice classes soon make you capable of delivering diverse variations of a musical scale. Once you really get to figure out how effectively it fills in the harmony with amazing

notes that nothing else can produce, the rest of the keyboard tuition happens quite in the auto mode. With a keyboard class for total beginners in the line, start keyboard training from point zero, to find out that perfect expression of your mental music sooner than you would expect!


Structure / Duration:

The Curriculum is structured in progressive levels of difficulty. The duration of each semester is 20 weeks. Students can work towards taking an examination from renowned International boards like Trinity College, London’s Rock & Pop examinations, at the end of their course.

October 11, 2020